SHOPPING GUIDE: How to Choose a Comforter?

Choosing the right comforter is very important, but only because it is something very personal, it also affect whether or not you will get a quality sleep. We have prepare a shopping guideline.


Silk comforters are excellent insulators, hypoallergenic, and lightweight and soft, making them both practical and luxurious. A quality silk comforter could keep you cozy and warm for the rest of your life. Although down comforter is a very common option, silk comforter is much less bulky. Silk comforters are exceptionally soft and luxurious, they self-adjust to your temperature while down comforters only trap the heat underneath and make you sweat.

Silk comforters are priced roughly the same as down comforters; however goose down requires chemical during manufacture process and is more likely to be allergic to kids and people with sensitive skins. Silk comforter is 100% natural and hypoallergenic; the chemical-free comforters therefore is the best choice kids and people who are allergic to goose down.

If silk comforters and down comforters are priced roughly the same but silk comforter with MUCH MORE benefits and luxurious, why would you pick down comforter.

Lasin Bedding silk comforter are filled with 100% long strand top quality mulberry silk; you will get the top quality silk comforter at the most reasonable price.


You never want a too light comforter in the freezing winter or a heavy comforter in the summer. Some companies narrow down the warmth level to Extra Light and Ultra Light on the down comforter, Lasin Bedding comforters are available in 3 different warmth level with the fact that silk comforter will re-adjust to the body temperature.

Heavy – Suitable for Fall/Winter season
Medium – Suitable for Winter/Spring season
Light – Suitable for Spring/Summer
Filling weight varies by comforter size. 


Comforter is also a decorative part in your bedroom; make sure the comforter size matches with your bed, not too big and bulk and not too small and short.

Lasin Beddings Inc. carries a wide variety of bed sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full, Twill as well as infant size. Below is an overview of the size of the silk comforter.

SIZE Dimension (Silk Comforter)
California King 102″ x 86″
King 102″ x 86″
Queen 86″ x 86″
Full 86″ x 86″
Twin 68″ x 86″
Infant 36″ x 42″

Stay tune for our next shopping guide of bedding sets! Before that check out our Hotel Collection Silk Comforter at Lasin Bedding.


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