More about Comforter – Material difference

Comforter is a very personal bedding item; how much do you know about it?

There are many comforters in the market made in different materials; they, of course, are priced drastically different. Most of the comforters in the market are so-called “Silk Comforter”; yet by saying so how much of silk is the comforter filled with? And why it is so important to choose the right one?

Just talking about silk, we can probably start a new chapter for it. Now let’s just compare how Lasin Bedding silk comforter is different from the others. Imagine you will be holding the comforter on your couch, in your bed, for nap and and overnight sleep, making sure what is inside your comforter and how worth your comforter is becomes very essential.

The Not-so Silk Comforter

When you google “Silk Comforter”, you will most likely see the products from the big and well-known department stores. Their prices can be as low as $59.00 up to $499.00. You will find product listed and named as Linen Silk Comforter; however if you look at the hdden details, you will see the comforter is only filled with 53% or even less silk and mixed wtih cotton. Lasin Bedding Silk Comforters are filled with 100% high quality mulberry silk. (Again, we will talk about the level of silk later.)  Comforter mixed with cotton will not be as light as a 100% silk filled comforter and the mixed silk will be out of place after several months of usage.

You will also see comforters filled with goose down or polyester. Although these materials are not the best choice of comforter, they are not a lot cheaper than silk comforter, especially the silk comforter from Lasin Bedding. We will have another post about the silk details.

Difference between Goose Down and Silk


Silk comforter is naturally hypoallergenic; this is always the first and major factor to choose a silk comforter. Down comforter fills are made from wool or farm raised ducks and geese feathers which need to be washed many times or chemically treated to get rid of dust, dirt and organic matter. Wool, goose and duck down can cause allergic reactions in some adults and children. Unlike silk fiber’s softness, the rachis-stiff shafts of feathers are irritating to skin.


Silk is naturally odorless. Unlike the down comforters, they are cheaper by using duck feathers while the more expensive ones use goose feather to compete with silk comforter. Odor can be a big difference between goose and duck down.

Regulate temperature

Silk fiber filling is naturally breathable and a temperature regulator. Silk whisks away moistures. Down comforters keep you warm, sometimes too warm, by trapping the heat inside as well as the moistures. Body heat is usually accumulated underneath the comforter to a uncomfortable level. It is most common for children to kick away their comforters in the middle of their sleep.


Lasin Bedding Inc. strives to offer the luxurious silk comforter at the most reasonable price. Our prices are from $118-$314.99 depending on the size and filling level. Down comforter with better goose down also starts at a price from $100 to even up to $1,000.00.

Light weight

Silk is the lightest and softest fiber. Lasin Bedding silk comforters cling to your body quietly according to your body contour.  Down comforters create air pockets with the bed and the body. Therefore it takes longer to warm up. Your sleep is interrupted when you move your body inside as it not only becoming noisy but it creates new air pockets need to be warmed again.

When down comforter and silk comforter are not priced too much different but silk is so much better than down filling, why to pay extra to the department stores for a lower quality comforter when you deserve a better one?

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