Lasin Bedding Newly Launched Website

Lasin Bedding Inc is excited to announce its newly launched  website It may sound like a new comer to you; Lasin Bedding Inc, formerly The Best Bedding Inc started business back in 2005 in Richmond, B.C Canada. We have recently rebranded  ourselves with a refreshed name and logo; yet one thing remain the same – to offer the highest quality bedding linen at the most reasonable prices. Our service now is offered not only to the North America, but also the Australia, New Zealand, and European countries like United Kingdom, Germany and etc.

Lasin Bedding is known of its high quality Hotel Collection bedding sets and 100% mulberry silk comforter. The silk comforter is hypoallergenic; it is odorless and the lightest and softest among all bed linens.  The “breathable” comforter stabilize temperature itself to provide your the best temperature for a best night sleep. You will never feel too hot or not warm enough.

The comforter at Lasin Bedding Inc. is made of 100% long strand mulberry silk. Be careful when you do your comforter shopping; some companies offer silk comforter at a much lower price, it will look very tempting to the consumers at the first sight. However if you look at the materials, the comforter may mix with polyester or poorly graded silk. Lasin Bedding uses hand-layered silk filling, one layer at a time. A silk comforter requires easily over 10,000 cocoons of silk. You will rarely see such high quality of silk comforters on the market.

More than that, Lasin Bedding offers 300TC duvet covers and bedding sets to go with the high quality silk comforter. The contemporary style with a light stripe pattern give a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. Simple design yet in elegant look and color – all you need for a best quality sleep. A noisy pattern bedding sets will only cause more stimulation which you do not need when you are ready for sleep. Contemporary patterned bedding linen allows you to relax and get ready for a quality sleep; you can also choose between the six available colors based on your characters and personal preference.

Both mulberry silk comforter and 100% cotton bedding linen are hypoallergenic; it is safe for both adults and children. Lasin Bedding even offer high quality 100% mulberry silk comforter believing as young as infants and toddler, they deserve a warm and soft comforter; however remember never leave babies alone in the crib with the comforter.


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