More about Comforter – Comforter Types

A comforter is a type of blanket made from a variety of materials in a wide range of styles and colors. Those with a higher thread count, usually more than 200, are considered to be of better quality than comforters with a thread count less than 200. When selecting a comforter, the type you choose will depend on factors such as durability, potential allergens and warmth.

Down is the layer of soft, fine feathers beneath the outer feathers of water birds. It’s used to fill comforters of many materials. Down comforters are lightweight yet offer high levels of warmth and comfort. Pure white goose down comforters are typically the most expensive, but you can buy less-expensive down comforters that use a mixture of feathers while still providing superior warmth and comfort. Down comforters are rated by weight, meaning how many ounces of down are used inside the comforter: the higher the number, the warmer the comforter. In some down comforters the down is sewn through, to be more economic, and so there’s no rating listed on the label. These may be warm initially, but they’re usually not as well-made.

Polyester is a synthetic filling material found in many more-affordable comforters. It’s often an ideal type to consider when allergies play a role in your comforter selection, because the fibers are nonallergenic, but they’re not recyclable, and polyester isn’t as breathable as natural-fiber fills. Polyester is warm and lightweight and in most cases machine-washable.

Comforters filled with wool are cool in the summer yet very warm during winter months. Wool fibers can be spun from the fleece of several breeds of sheep, and also from the hair of angora rabbits, cashmere goats, camels, alpacas and llamas. Wool comforters are soft and comfortable, but not always machine-washable, so they may not be the best choice for children’s bedding.

Cotton comforters are soft and breathable, using the natural fibers of the cotton plant seed. There are two types of cotton used in comforters: sanforized cotton, which is preshrunk to the size it would shrink to after washing, and mercerized cotton, which is made strong, absorbent and colorfast by immersing it in a strong lye solution. Cotton comforters are typically affordable and durable, and usually machine-washable.

Made of silk taken from the cocoon of the silkworm caterpillar, silk fiber comforters are spun using a continuous silk strand. Silk is a breathable, natural material that’s as soft as down. The downside to silk comforters is that they must be dry-cleaned and may stain easily. This type of comforter is typically available only in white or eggshell, so it’s usually protected with a duvet cover. Silk is also an ideal comforter material for allergy sufferers. 

Lasin Bedding offers superior quality comforters with 100% mulberry silk filled. The silk filling is layered by hand, one layer at a time. A silk comforter requires easily over 10,000 cocoons of silk. You will rarely see such high quality of silk comforters on the market. They are “breathable” and maintains a stable temperature even with drastic temperature changes, to keep you from feeling too warm or too cold.


SHOPPING GUIDE: How to Choose a Comforter?

Choosing the right comforter is very important, but only because it is something very personal, it also affect whether or not you will get a quality sleep. We have prepare a shopping guideline.


Silk comforters are excellent insulators, hypoallergenic, and lightweight and soft, making them both practical and luxurious. A quality silk comforter could keep you cozy and warm for the rest of your life. Although down comforter is a very common option, silk comforter is much less bulky. Silk comforters are exceptionally soft and luxurious, they self-adjust to your temperature while down comforters only trap the heat underneath and make you sweat.

Silk comforters are priced roughly the same as down comforters; however goose down requires chemical during manufacture process and is more likely to be allergic to kids and people with sensitive skins. Silk comforter is 100% natural and hypoallergenic; the chemical-free comforters therefore is the best choice kids and people who are allergic to goose down.

If silk comforters and down comforters are priced roughly the same but silk comforter with MUCH MORE benefits and luxurious, why would you pick down comforter.

Lasin Bedding silk comforter are filled with 100% long strand top quality mulberry silk; you will get the top quality silk comforter at the most reasonable price.


You never want a too light comforter in the freezing winter or a heavy comforter in the summer. Some companies narrow down the warmth level to Extra Light and Ultra Light on the down comforter, Lasin Bedding comforters are available in 3 different warmth level with the fact that silk comforter will re-adjust to the body temperature.

Heavy – Suitable for Fall/Winter season
Medium – Suitable for Winter/Spring season
Light – Suitable for Spring/Summer
Filling weight varies by comforter size. 


Comforter is also a decorative part in your bedroom; make sure the comforter size matches with your bed, not too big and bulk and not too small and short.

Lasin Beddings Inc. carries a wide variety of bed sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full, Twill as well as infant size. Below is an overview of the size of the silk comforter.

SIZE Dimension (Silk Comforter)
California King 102″ x 86″
King 102″ x 86″
Queen 86″ x 86″
Full 86″ x 86″
Twin 68″ x 86″
Infant 36″ x 42″

Stay tune for our next shopping guide of bedding sets! Before that check out our Hotel Collection Silk Comforter at Lasin Bedding.

More about Comforter – SILK MATERIALS

After purchasing a silk comforter you may wonder how is a silk comforter made?

The filling of Lasin Beddings silk comforter is made of 100% Mulberry silk. The silk filling is layered by hand, one layer at a time. This is done by skilled workers using traditional methods. A silk comforter requires easily over 10,000 cocoons of silk. You will seldom see such high quality of silk comforters on the market. Each silk comforter is then inspected individually before packing.

Silk is known today as a smooth, shiny, stunning, luxurious, and sensual fabric. However, the biggest mystical secret of silk is in its practical function to provide warmth. Silk comforters have been used by the upper class for thousands of years in Asia. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to dust mites, wicks moisture and is naturally produced. Comforters made with 100% silk, is the best alternative to down or wool comforters.

One of the unique benefits of Mulberry Silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sercine that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. Therefore, Mulberry silk bedding is a healthy and safe choice for those with allergies.

Silk is naturally healthy for human bodies. The characteristics of silk such as to help maintain bodily health, skin protection, warm in winter and cool in summer, etc., have been passed along as a tradition for centuries. Only recently with the scientific advancement of biochemistry, more secrets are revealed. Such as the discovery of Sericin-a viscous gelatinous protein that forms on the surface of raw-silk fibers. Japanese studies showed Sericin prevents and reverses damaged skin from sunlight and different chemicals. Sericin binds to the keratin of skin and hair, forming a protective film. Highly moisture-binding and film-forming, Sericin imparts a unique and highly aesthetic skin feel.


It is important to check the materials before making a decision on ANY bedding products including comforter, pillows etc. Although you may see they are advertised as “silk” products, if you take a closer look at the materials, many bedding products in the market are now filled with a mix of polyester and silk or Habotai and mixed silks. Lasin Bedding is proud of providing silk comforter filled with 100% long strand mulberry silk.

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More about Comforter – Material difference

Lasin Bedding Silk Filled Comforter

Comforter is a very personal bedding item; how much do you know about it?

There are many comforters in the market made in different materials; they, of course, are priced drastically different. Most of the comforters in the market are so-called “Silk Comforter”; yet by saying so how much of silk is the comforter filled with? And why it is so important to choose the right one?

Just talking about silk, we can probably start a new chapter for it. Now let’s just compare how Lasin Bedding silk comforter is different from the others. Imagine you will be holding the comforter on your couch, in your bed, for nap and and overnight sleep, making sure what is inside your comforter and how worth your comforter is becomes very essential.

The Not-so Silk Comforter

When you google “Silk Comforter”, you will most likely see the products from the big and well-known department stores. Their prices can be as low as $59.00 up to $499.00. You will find product listed and named as Linen Silk Comforter; however if you look at the hdden details, you will see the comforter is only filled with 53% or even less silk and mixed wtih cotton. Lasin Bedding Silk Comforters are filled with 100% high quality mulberry silk. (Again, we will talk about the level of silk later.)  Comforter mixed with cotton will not be as light as a 100% silk filled comforter and the mixed silk will be out of place after several months of usage.

You will also see comforters filled with goose down or polyester. Although these materials are not the best choice of comforter, they are not a lot cheaper than silk comforter, especially the silk comforter from Lasin Bedding. We will have another post about the silk details.

Difference between Goose Down and Silk


Silk comforter is naturally hypoallergenic; this is always the first and major factor to choose a silk comforter. Down comforter fills are made from wool or farm raised ducks and geese feathers which need to be washed many times or chemically treated to get rid of dust, dirt and organic matter. Wool, goose and duck down can cause allergic reactions in some adults and children. Unlike silk fiber’s softness, the rachis-stiff shafts of feathers are irritating to skin.


Silk is naturally odorless. Unlike the down comforters, they are cheaper by using duck feathers while the more expensive ones use goose feather to compete with silk comforter. Odor can be a big difference between goose and duck down.

Regulate temperature

Silk fiber filling is naturally breathable and a temperature regulator. Silk whisks away moistures. Down comforters keep you warm, sometimes too warm, by trapping the heat inside as well as the moistures. Body heat is usually accumulated underneath the comforter to a uncomfortable level. It is most common for children to kick away their comforters in the middle of their sleep.


Lasin Bedding Inc. strives to offer the luxurious silk comforter at the most reasonable price. Our prices are from $118-$314.99 depending on the size and filling level. Down comforter with better goose down also starts at a price from $100 to even up to $1,000.00.

Light weight

Silk is the lightest and softest fiber. Lasin Bedding silk comforters cling to your body quietly according to your body contour.  Down comforters create air pockets with the bed and the body. Therefore it takes longer to warm up. Your sleep is interrupted when you move your body inside as it not only becoming noisy but it creates new air pockets need to be warmed again.

When down comforter and silk comforter are not priced too much different but silk is so much better than down filling, why to pay extra to the department stores for a lower quality comforter when you deserve a better one?

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Lasin Bedding Newly Launched Website

Lasin Bedding Inc is excited to announce its newly launched  website It may sound like a new comer to you; Lasin Bedding Inc, formerly The Best Bedding Inc started business back in 2005 in Richmond, B.C Canada. We have recently rebranded  ourselves with a refreshed name and logo; yet one thing remain the same – to offer the highest quality bedding linen at the most reasonable prices. Our service now is offered not only to the North America, but also the Australia, New Zealand, and European countries like United Kingdom, Germany and etc.

Lasin Bedding is known of its high quality Hotel Collection bedding sets and 100% mulberry silk comforter. The silk comforter is hypoallergenic; it is odorless and the lightest and softest among all bed linens.  The “breathable” comforter stabilize temperature itself to provide your the best temperature for a best night sleep. You will never feel too hot or not warm enough.

The comforter at Lasin Bedding Inc. is made of 100% long strand mulberry silk. Be careful when you do your comforter shopping; some companies offer silk comforter at a much lower price, it will look very tempting to the consumers at the first sight. However if you look at the materials, the comforter may mix with polyester or poorly graded silk. Lasin Bedding uses hand-layered silk filling, one layer at a time. A silk comforter requires easily over 10,000 cocoons of silk. You will rarely see such high quality of silk comforters on the market.

More than that, Lasin Bedding offers 300TC duvet covers and bedding sets to go with the high quality silk comforter. The contemporary style with a light stripe pattern give a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. Simple design yet in elegant look and color – all you need for a best quality sleep. A noisy pattern bedding sets will only cause more stimulation which you do not need when you are ready for sleep. Contemporary patterned bedding linen allows you to relax and get ready for a quality sleep; you can also choose between the six available colors based on your characters and personal preference.

Both mulberry silk comforter and 100% cotton bedding linen are hypoallergenic; it is safe for both adults and children. Lasin Bedding even offer high quality 100% mulberry silk comforter believing as young as infants and toddler, they deserve a warm and soft comforter; however remember never leave babies alone in the crib with the comforter.